'Entangling' by Georgina Hounsome


Good friend of the mag and one half of pirrip press, Georgina Hounsome has been quietly beavering away, writing and making drawings for her book ‘Entangling’ over the past three years. The book is an exploration of ideas around climate change, and peoples connection to nature. The book is a 200 page collection of imagery and words, intended to encourage thought and contemplation about our interaction with nature and the environment.

For more background information, images from field trips and drawings, and to get an idea of the book content, take a look at her website www.georginahounsome.co.uk - you won’t be sorry you did, as her drawings are ace and it looks like an epic project. 


She has a kickstarter project on the go with about a week left to go on it, so go ahead pledge away and bag yourself a book (or other rewards like pins and screenprints). We just pledged and can’t wait to hold the thing in our hands later in the summer.

John Coe