Delita Martin on Arts Insight

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One of the highlights of working on Issue 4 for me was being introduced to the work on Delita Martin by Tanekeya Word - her work being so rich and layered (like the history of the women she depicts) and the variety of printmaking techniques she uses is truly inspiring. 

No surprise then, that she has been feature on a recent airing of Arts Insight - CLICK HERE TO WATCH (first 8 mins is about Delita). Further delving into her process, she shares insights into her thinking - its great to see how she builds up her layers, experiments with both drawing and linocut for her portraits, sews into the pieces and so on. 

Her use of colour and texture across all of her work is so dynamic, it's great to see more examples of her work in the short documentary.

Part of the interview also touches on her recent show at Art League Houston, called 'The Dinner Table'. This project has seen her working in a different medium - ceramic plates - which were all donated to her (300 second hand plates, all with their own history) which she in turn she uses to refer to the history of the women depicted in the portraits. She drew onto the plates with litho crayons, keeping a link with her printmaking work, whilst the circle shape of the plates echoes the use of that motif in her prints.

Watch the documentary HERE

Visit Delita's website HERE

To read Tanekeya's article on Delita's work in Issue 3, order online now HERE

John Coe