The Dafi Kuhne Printing Show™


We’ve been lucky recently to be sent a copy of True Print, a monograph of Letterpress works by Swiss Designer Dafi Kuhne.

We’ve been digging into it and writing a small piece for our next issue (issue 5, out in Nov), however he’s been back in touch recently to share his new short video series, giving some useful insights into his unique approach to designing with letterpress. I’ll leave it to Dafi to tell you more…:

“I recently started an educational letterpress web video series called The Dafi Kühne Printing Show™. Currently, 3 of 5 videos have been released on The Printing Show vimeo channel. 

The project’s focus is on some of my unconventional techniques like casting plastic resin type or making magnetic wood type… It is using the metaphor of a cooking show, just for sharing my most secret printing recipes. These are all techniques, that I have developed in my last 10 years as a poster designer and letterpress printer. The show should be something between super funny and entertaining, but still quite technical and educational. 

I will be releasing two more episodes over the coming weeks: 

+ Episode 4: «Vinyl Sticker Type»
+ Episode 5: «Torn Structures»”

John Coe