Woah. Compiling Issue 1 has been an real adventure. It all started with an email I sent to a brilliant photographer (Kitty Wheeler Shaw, see one of her images of Ben Goodman's space above) who had taken some shots for a personal project about ‘makers’. A few coffees later, we realised we both had the same home town in common and shared a passion for finding out about people choosing to craft their way in this ever-more digital world.

A few months later, I signed up to a year-long course at Spike Print Studios in Bristol and although I am a self-taught designer with a background in publishing magazines, it was back to basics. I was thrown right in – tackling etching, linocut, screenprinting, collagraph, paper-making – you name it, we had a go at it.


Bitten by the bug of printmaking, the more I met with other artists, both new students and those making their living via the artform, I became fascinated and wanted to dig a little deeper. This magazine is the result of that digging. An exercise in not being afraid to ask even the most obvious questions – some of which have led to genuine collaborative friendships and have helped shine a light on fabulous local and international printmakers.


Pressing Matters is a study in creative endeavour, on how failing is somehow also winning. My hope is that this magazine is a true exploration into the people, passion and process behind printmaking.


John Coe
Founder/Creative Director